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"Human beings have their greatest chance in the novel."
- E.M. Forster

BBC Documentary
The BBC did a seven part program about Vivaldi and the Pieta. Check it out!
Part 1, Part II. Part III
Part IV, Part V, Part VI
Part VII

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The Four Seasons, by Laurel Corona

The Four Seasons: Synopsis

When a Venetian foundling hospital hires a young priest to give lessons to the violinists in its all-female orchestra, the relationship between the maestro and his cloistered students gives rise to one of the great musical legacies of the Baroque Era.

With music spilling out from a concert in the chapel, three-year-old Maddalena and her baby sister, Chiaretta, are abandoned in the alley outside the Ospedale della Pieta, Venice's world-famous cloister and musical academy.

High-spirited and rebellious, Chiaretta develops a singing voice that catapults her to early fame, leaving her with the agonizing choice between an aristocratic marriage and life as a musician in the coro of the Pieta.

Maddalena's path to renown is quieter and more difficult, but when teacher and concert master Antonio Vivaldi notices her deep love for the violin, they begin a musical relationship in which each challenges the other to greater heights.

Despite the limited freedoms allowed to women in eighteenth century Venice, as adults the sisters build rich and meaningful lives of their own, one inside and one outside the confines of the Pieta. Vivaldi's own career takes him in and out of their lives, bringing complications that are not always welcome but at other times open their imaginations to all that life has to offer.

On the balcony of the Pieta, where the coro performs, the cloister and the outside world intersect. From there, the reader is drawn back into quiet lace workshops, crowded wards, and busy rehearsal rooms; and outward into the dangerous, exotic and colorful world of Baroque Venice.

THE FOUR SEASONS is a tumultous story of women discovering the complexities of their passions and the deep bonds of love, in a setting where music and an extraordinary city become central characters in and of themselves.

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