Cruise Lecture Topics

And Counting….  Here is a list of my cruise lecture topics to date:


Amazing Alexander;  Humboldt in South America

America’s Sweetheart and the “It” Girl:  Mary Pickford and Clara Bow

Antonio Vivaldi and the Pietà

A Study in Sherlock:  Arthur Conan Doyle and the World’s Most Famous Detective

“As Far as I Think It Possible for Man to Go”: The Life, Death, and Legacy of Captain Cook

Asian Warriors and Queens

Before the Maya:  The Earliest Mexican Civilizations

Before Starbucks:  The Fully Caffeinated History of Coffee

Bosom Enemies:  The Acadians and the Conquest of Canada

Caravaggio:  Bad Boy of the Baroque

Carthage:  The Other Ancient Mediterranean Empire

Catherine the Great

Charles Darwin in South America

The Crusades

Did Penelope Have a Daughter?  Women of the Bronze Age Aegean

Digging Old Ground:  The First Female Archaeologists

El Dorado:  The Story Behind the Legend

Enchanted isles, Sailing Ships, and the World’s Most Famous Whale: Herman Melville

The Face:  Portrayals of Jesus in Art

Ferdinand and Isabella and the End of Convivencia

Finding Odysseus

For Love and Liberty I:  Simon Bolivar and Manuela Saenz

For Love and Liberty II:  Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi

The French and Indian War

Gentle Giant:  Pedro II of Brazil

God, Gold, and Gloriana:  The Story of Sir Francis Drake

The Golden Age of Islamic Spain

The Great Eruption:  How the Santorini Volcano Changed the Mediterranean

Henry the Navigator

“I Put All My Genius Into My Life.  I Put Only My Talent Into My Writing”:  A Portrait of Oscar Wilde

Isn’t It Romantic?  Byron, Shelley, Love, Death, and Italy

King Arthur:  Medieval Man of Mystery

Life in Full Color:  Paul Gauguin

Loneliness and Light:  The Art of Edward Hopper

Magic Hammers, Missing Eyes, and Rainbow Bridges:  Norse Mythology

Mayhem, Mutiny and a Masterpiece in the Louvre:  The Raft of the Medusa

The Merry History of Robin Hood

Midsummer Magic

Monterey Pop and the Summer of Love

“The Most Beautiful Adventure”:  Robert Louis Stevenson

Move Over Superman:  Beowulf, The First Superhero

Mutiny Goes to the Movies:  Bounty, Potemkin, and Amistad

Never Silent:  Women in Early Hollywood

Nightmare Voyage:  Magellan and the Armada de Moluccas

Nineteen Months to the Pacific:  The Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Not Plain and Never Bland Story of Vanilla

The Olympics

Peter the Great and His Times

The Portuguese in Brazil

Putting the Oy in Ahoy:  Piracy and the Jews

The Reconquista

Rise, Fall, Repeat:  A Brief History of the Acropolis of Athens

Rotgut, Riches and Rebellion:  How Rum Shaped American History

Rounding the Cape:  Vasco da Gama and the Search for India

Silent Sentinels:  the First Civilizations of Peru

Spice!  How Cinnamon, Cloves, and Nutmeg Changed the Worlds

The Stripper and the Swineherd:  Justinian and Theodora

“Thar She Blows!”  A History of Atlantic Whaling

“There Is Practically Nothing Left”:  The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

“To Go a-Pyrating”:  Who, What and Why Were the Pirates of the Caribbean?

To Live and Die in Pompeii

Understanding Buddhist Art

Unvanquished:  The Spanish Conquest of Chile

Venetian Visionary:  the Art of Titian

The Vikings

The Vikings in North America

Wayfaring:  The Navigational Genius of the Pacific Islanders

When Africans Ruled

Women of the High Seas

Women Who Wouldn’t:  Feisty Females of the British Isles

Zheng He and the Chinese Treasure Fleet